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Why PromoteYourMusic.net Will Help You Get Fans And More Music Sales?

If you want to turn your music from a hobby into a serious career option you’re in the right place.

If you know that the Internet is a massive opportunity for DIY musicians but just can’t seem to find a plan to really make it work, then you’re also in the right place…

Here’s the scoop…

If you understand how online music marketing works then everything is simple, and you can get a feel for what makes your fans tick. Once you get to that point it’s so much easier to mobilise them and move your music career forward.

But all the pieces must be put together in the right way to make it work.  You can otherwise get bogged down and confused with all the different tactics and just decide to wait until a fairy godmother comes and pulls you out of obscurity.

But how can you work all this music marketing stuff out without years of trial and error?

On this website I break down music marketing into 4 simple steps:

  1. Setting up fan catcher pages
  2. Getting people to see those pages
  3. Creating great value tempting products that cost very little to set up
  4. Following up and entertaining your fans by email and then making them a great offer.

It’s that simple, and if this sounds interesting stick around…

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What Other People Say About Promote Your Music

“Chris – Iʼm loving your site. You share a lot of things I havenʼt seen before. I used to look up music promotion tactics all the time but stopped because it was just the same regurgitated information over and over and over. You put a new perspective on things. You tell it how it is. Thanks so much!”MissTaintedLove

“Hey Chris, my name is Tim Short, also known as the musical artist Speedbump. I just want to let you know that I value every e-mail that you send to me. I am now using what ever knowledge that you can throw my way about marketing and implementing it immediately. You are my Bible of Music Marketing. Why do I say this? Simple…” - Tim Short

“Chris – you are so insightful!”Esther Hatfield Miller

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About Chris Rockett

Chris Rockett as a Simpson!

Promote Your Music was founded by Chris Rocket in 2010. Chris is an expert online marketer and obsessed with teaching musicians how to use these cutting edge tactics to level the playing field between DIY musicians and major label artists.

You’ll find that his approach to music marketing is very direct and full of tactics that you can take away and use today that will start to make an impact tomorrow.

This website is committed to giving away free lessons that give you instant results so that you may be in the position to invest in our Music Marketing Classroom at some point in the future.

You’ll find case studies, interviews and test results that will get more hits to your website, more fans on your list and more record sales putting money into your paypal account

Chris Rockett’s information has been featured on many of the top music marketing websites around, including:

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