Record Labels Looking for Artists *FULLY UPDATED*

Trying to find Record Labels Looking for Artists these days is hard enough without having to spend ages online looking for all the top players in the market.

Record Labels Looking for Artists
credit: kylemac

So below you will find a list of all the top majors labels and the smaller sub labels that they also put music out to.

Often a sub label will put out more niche type of music and will be easier to get your foot in the door with.

My advice would be to make some contacts with the sub label and try to get signed with them. Once you have some good sales under your belt you can think about moving to a major.

Here is my list of record labels looking for artists…

EMI GROUP PLC – Working with a number of the best artists in the word including one of my favorites the Rolling Stones!

Sub labels
- Capitol Records
- Virgin
- Blue Note

UNIVERSAL MUSIC GROUP – Home to Gwen Stefani and Elton John.

Sub labels
- Geffen Records
- Island Def Jam Music Group
- Motown Records
- Verve Music Group
- Decca Music Group.

SONY MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT INC – Quite a few soulful Artists including Leona and Alicia Keys

Sub labels:
- Arista Records
- Columbia Records
- Jive Records
- RCA Records.

WARNER MUSIC GROUP CORP – tend to go for a more rocky audience with acts like Green Day and Eric Clapton

Sub Labels:
- Atlantic Records
- Warner Bros
- Records

Final thoughts.

So now you know what labels to go after you should pick one and make it you mission to build contacts and fans in their offices.

This method is so much better than just sending in your CD to the whole list above because every single CD will go in the bin.

As a music marketer we need to get away from the mindset of saying “I sent in my CD to every record company and nobody replied, how unfair”.

This is just replacing doing stuff with what you really want, which is clever marketing.

If you make just one fan at a top record company you are ten times more likely to get signed.

So use your time wisely and be smart because all Record Labels Looking for Artists are an option for you.