A New Way To Get More Music Fans?

I’ve noticed a few people using this tactic so thought it would be cool to share and we can test this out together.

It’s a Facebook thing…

By the way if you’re still not promoting your music on Facebook then you’re making a lot of other musicians happy, because their scooping up your fans :-P

Here’s what you need to do…

1. If you have not done so already create a Facebook page to represent your musical life.

2. Populate your page with great content over a few days. Use your music videos, live footage, mp3’s, cool blog posts and anything else that you like. Facebook is not all about YOU, so share stuff from other people too and you will be thought of as a trusted source of information in your music scene.

Here my Facebook mine about music marketing…

Pretty standard stuff so far but here’s the clever bit…

3. On the right hand side of your Facebook page you will see a new option to use Facebook as “your page” rather than yourself. The idea here is that we are going to use Facebook as our musical persona then comment on other page’s to get attention. Kind of like the music blog commenting technique.

4. Use the Facebook search feature to find the most popular people in your music scene.

5. Now click the like button on those pages and this will let you get involved with the conversation..

6. Look for updates that have the most action in terms of “likes” and comments. When you add your own all the people who have interacted with that post will also see your contribution.

WARNING: Spammy posts just for attention will get you banned, so be careful. But If you make a thoughtful comment there is a good chance that some of those fans will head over to your page and check out what you’re up to as well.

To make this even more powerful consider mentioning the style of music you play in your page title…for instance “Chris Rocket’s Punk Music Hub”. This will get targeted fans more interested.

You might also offer a cool incentive to new fans. This can be the same thing you offer people for joining your email list.

Posting 5-8 comments per day should build up your fan page nicely and you can then post out the odd link to new music and blog posts. Basically do whatever you can to make them think you’re a total music legend! Then get them to join your fan club.

This is a new one for me too so I’d love to know what you think. I’d also be interested to know if you would like more of these Facebook tactics or if there is something else you would rather we focus on.

Gotta get back to music marketing now. Speak to you guys tomorrow.

- Chris

P.S I’ve been testing a new tool that lets people join your mailing list in ONE CLICK using Facebook Connect.

It’s a pretty cool wordpress plugin so if you use that platform go check it out the video.

Watch the video podcast version below…