How To Get Music Fans? Learn My #1 Source of New Fans Here!

Periferia Beat @45 Special
Creative Commons License credit: Tomi Kukkonen

Imagine if your local music magazine let you take over the articles for a week and you could write about your favorite new music.

First of all that would be really fun!

…but second, do you think that might bring you a few targeted new fans?

Of course right!

And that’s what guest blogging is all about, your are the special guest star of the popular blogs in your niche and if you add good content people will no doubt click through to your site and start to follow along with what you are doing. If you want to learn how to get music fans look no further!

The Many Magic Benefits Of Guest Blogging.

  • You’re getting a really high quality link back to your website that is right in the main content of your article. This will help you rank higher in Google and indicate that you are a valuable resource in the community.
  • A guest blog post will bring you an instant flood of new traffic as people see and are excited by what you have written. You can also follow up in the comments section answering questions. Adding to the conversation like this will help bring you loyal fans.
  • It’s also a great way to start branding your own blog as an authority in your music niche.
  • You can build strong relationships with fans and music bloggers who will be the people that push your work when you have a new release coming up. The last thing you want to do is turn up out of the blue and say “Hey, promote my stuff…NOW!”. Start to sow the seed early providing great content for the blogs. (Somebody else saying you’re great has so much more impact that you saying it yourself.)

For me there is no doubt that this is the most powerful fan getting strategy on the planet right now for DIY musicians, and only a small amount of musicians are doing it which means there is a great opportunity for you.

Now I could spend the next ten minutes telling you all the little details of how to go about getting your content featured on high quality blogs, but to be honest there is a tower on Angry Birds that is causing me a whole heap of problems ;-)


Before I Go I Want To Lay Down A Little Challenge For You…

Basically you need to find a great quality popular blog in your scene and write a guest post for them.

Look at the previous articles and see what kind of content they like, then write something that is going to blow them away.

The secret is that most bloggers find writing a pain in the bottom, so they will be very grateful for you offering them something cool to post to their fans..

Once you have finished your amazing post make sure you add in a few pictures, a link back to your website, Facebook page and then send then the “ready made” blog code that they can just paste into the their site. (I will have a video out about how to set up the code soon.)

Then just email the blogger and say how much your enjoy their writing and that you “have a little gift for s/him”.

If you strike out first time find another blog and offer your work to them…

Just make sure you get a post live this week because as soon as you see that kind of fans and love this brings you will be totally addicted.

This is a double dare, so just do one if you like. It’s so powerful!!!

I want you to tell me what happens and the results you get in the comment box below.

Good luck!

- Chris

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