I Love DIY Music…The One Where Chris Tried To Sing Death Metal

Musicians Featured in this Episode

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Thanks to all the featured musicians for taking part and for making some great music…I LOVE IT!

- Chris

  • Bill Madison

    WOW  CHRIS! What a great thing you are doing for us! I will pass the podcast around for sure!

  • Shauni Williams

    Chris Rocket!! Thank you so much for including my new website http://shauniwilliams.com and song ” A Christmas Tune” in your Podcast! I am honored you included me and it is really special that you put me first in the lineup of these amazing and talented artists. You are so funny and I love the sense of humor you put into all the great content you put out there for us independent artists. It makes Music Marketing Classroom a lot of fun in addition to being extremely helpful! Thanks again! Shauni Williams

  • DTown

    Chris! Awesome podcast! Very coool music highlighted in this one. Your rendition of “ILLER” is awesome lol

    Keep up the great work! -DT

  • MDV

    Chris + Death Metal = EVIL